Fred's Garage:  From The Past!!!
'56 Ford - "Shangri - La"

Fred bought his '56 Ford convert in '61,
named it "The Count"

June, 1964 - Hood scoop added,
quad headlights being created

<     Spring '65     >
Building new Black "square" top

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<     By the '63 Minneapolis Armory Car Show,      >
double Packard taillights and Pagan Gold paint - the modifications had begun!

<     August, '64 -      >
Front end mods nearly finished

Winter, '64 - '65 Car show -
Black paint, White top with Black inserts

Summer '65
On the road - How's that beautiful grille?

<     Spring '66 GSTA Car Show     >
New Purple paint, new radical interior!
New White top - Freddie's an upholsterer

Fall '66 Car Show

<     Spring '67 GSTA Car Show     >
Top now has a plexiglas insert down the middle!

Summer '67
Fred drives 'em!

<     Fall '67 Minneapolis Armory Car Show      >
"Flakers, Inc" Car Club display
New "fastback" Black top
The first time I saw Shangi - La was in the '63 Armory Show. 
I loved it and learned to watch for it in every show -
It was always different from the previous sighting - A big thing to a young kid!!!

<         By 1969          >
Fred had added the hard fastback roof
made from 1 1/2 '65 Chev roofs with a plexiglas rear window and done the fade paint.
It also had a '57 Chrysler Hemi with 4-2's!!
In 1969 Fred sold Shangi - La to
Norm in Farmington for $800.

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