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Marlyn's 1956 Chev convertible
409 Chev, 700-R4
Bought new in '56, customized within a few months!!!

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1957 - Marv Fau added '56 Chrysler taillights

New Red & White convert - Dechromed with a custom tonneau cover just weeks old!!
Work done by Phil Anderson.

When Marlyn's custom '51 Chev 2-dht was totalled in a crash,
he used the insurance money for a down payment on a new '56 Chev convert!!

1958 - Phil Anderson removed the side trim & frenched the headlights & did the White paint

1959 - Louvers, 348 engine with 3x2s, new interior

Late Spring, 1960 - Marlyn and the guys were not satisfied with the Red color, so...

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Click on pictures to enlarge!!

1959 - White with maroon scallops!  Outrageous!  I love it!!!

Summer, 1960 -
Let's try Black with Copper & Silver scallops & striping for a few months...

By the Spring '61 GSTA show, the convert was back to Red - Metalflake now!!!

In '63 Marv & Connie ordered a new Chev 425 horsepower - 409 with a 4-speed & a 4.56 Posi rear, Jere Stahl headers.
This was Connie's everyday driver and Marv's weekend dragdtrip terror!!!

The years were not kind to the '56,
it's next found in the rear of an Aamco Transmission repair shop in Minneapolis, in primer.
The pancaked hood and the engine are gone.  Don Williamson buys it and brings it back to life in Black.
These pictures are from about 1970, before Don had found it.

GSTA Show - Spring, 1960 - Radical changes - Chopped top, quad headlights, grilles, Red paint, pancaked hood, all done by Marv Fau, custom hubcaps!

Click on pictures to enlarge!!

Click on pictures to enlarge!!

Click on pictures to enlarge!!

1962 saw family budget constraints and drag racing take over, so the '56 was sold.